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We can Create
Your Own App
It's Easy
No coding is required. Just send us the text!

Choose NoDowntime Domains to Create Your Mobile Phone App

Zero technical knowledge is required. IOS, Android and Web-app created at the same time for you.

Whether you want to create one app or sell apps online, we have solutions for you. All delivered with a complete source code, and installed for you on your NoDowntime Apps server account.

We will do all the app programming and design work for you - it's hassle-free, and you don't need any coding skills..

Choose one of our starting app ideas and send it to us with your app text. If you wish, add or replace some images. We can use your images for replacement too.

That's all. You will soon be the proud owner of your own mobile phone app.

Be Smart and Build Your Own App

Everyone has his own web site. This is pretty usual. But usually visitors hardly find your web page through search engines or search engines never promote your service well enough. Why not build an additional contact channel with your potential visitors and clients?

Check just pure facts:
  • App Store (iOS): As of June 8, 2015: 100+ billion apps downloaded
  • Google Play (Android): As of March 6, 2012, over 50 billion downloads.
You can have your own mobile phone app for both iOS and Android markets and inform people about your services through these channels. You can sell directly through your app too. Most people use their own mobile phone rather than surf the web through search engines today. Be smart and build your own app that contains all main details about your activities and distribute it fully free through iOS and Android markets.

NoDowntime Apps helps anyone to build their own apps, from small and medium-sized companies to advertising agencies and from restaurants to sports associations. So why would you want an app when you already have a website? We explain below why it is really convenient to have your own app.
Six Reasons Why You Need an App Right Now

Why Build an App with NoDowntime app development service?

We build apps manually for you and at a low cost at the same time.
Take care, a human developer is unreplaceable! Forget poor trying to “build your own app with mobile app builders” that, at the end, is complicated again and without a good result. NoDowntime developers can do all for you at a radically low cost; you just send texts and a few images. So there's really no excuse for not having an own mobile app.

  • Easy as 1, 2
    Just 2 steps to create your mobile app: Select the app template and then send us texts and images. That's all.

    Our developers will do the rest for you, will create and build your app, install on the NoDowntime app hosting account and submit it to the app stores for you!

  • Real Developers Work for You
    You don't use some 'easy' app builders found on the web that complicate all, require again advanced knowledge and have a poor result at the end again.

    Our developers do and build mobile apps manually for you! Take care, human part is still unreplaceable!

  • Cross Platform
    Create once and obtain native apps for iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and a web app.

  • We submit your app both on Google Play and on the Apple App Store
    We submit your app both on Google Play and on the Apple App Store under our own developer account.

  • Own your apps
    You must not use our App Store and Google Play accounts. If you have your own App Store and Google Play you can upload your app alone without our help. That choice's up to you.

  • Pack of built-in features
    Choose from loyalty card to Facebook page features and many others. Click here to see all possible built-in features.

  • Ready to host your app
    NoDowntime Domains is more than just a high quality web hosting company. Your app is fully ready to host prepared and installed from side of our developers. You just need run app on your NoDowntime app hosting account, that's all.

View Templates

Whatever template you pick, your app will look amazing. Choose yours and we will customise the design idea for your needs.
We make it fun for you to create your own mobile phone app.
App template: Lawyer
App template: NYC
App template: Football Team
App template: Florist
App template: Festival
App template: Club
App template: Beauty Center
App template: Band
App template: B&B
App template: Accessories
App template: Corporate

These templates ideas are ready to be integrated. We can from just these 10 startup ideas customise an unlimited number of different apps and you get your unique app with your own colours and images.

Click here to see all the features we offer for your apps
  • Single Application
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Webapp
  • Own AdMob
  • All Features Available*
  • App Installed on the Server**
  • Submission on Google Play and Apple App Stores***
  • Lifetime Free Updates****

Price Details

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* All of these features are included in both packages, with no extra cost:
Loyalty Card, Discounts, MCommerce, Social Networks, Push Notifications, Social Gaming, RSS Feeds, Thorough statistics, Product / price list, Photo galleries, Video galleries, Instagram albums, Picasa albums, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Podcasts, News Wall, Contact pages, Booking, Padlock, Forms, Places directory, Audio, Fan Wall, In-app Messages, Social Sharing, Pricing Plans, PayPal gateway, 2checkout gateway, Previews pop-up, User authorisations, Notification Topics, QR Code Reader and QR Coupons.
Click here to see a more detailed description of all the features we offer for your apps.

** App Installed and full ready for use on NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting. NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting is not included in your mobile app development cost. Specialised NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting costs $9.99 per month for a 1GB web space account.

*** We submit your app both on Google Play and on the Apple App Store under our own developer account only. If you have your own App Store and Google Play, you can upload your app alone without our help. That choice's up to you.

**** Since you are a NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting client, you get from us Lifetime Free Updates. Whenever you need to change or update some details on your mobile app, we'll do it for you for FREE.

It's never been simpler to get your own app

We believe everyone deserves to have their own mobile phone app. We have created a specialized app programming and design service and business model allowing us to provide a professional apps for everyone quickly and without a complicated technical process and without high costs.

Mobile App Web Hosting

We offer the most reliable and low cost mobile apps web hosting solution available on the market without traffic restrictions.

NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting is a service that we offer only to our clients for whom we have built mobile apps. This is a fully specialized mobile apps web hosting solution that allows us to build and host your mobile applications on an advanced server scalable platform. Because that, every mobile app we build for our clients goes with mobile apps web hosting included. This approach gives our clients a radically low-cost, quality, speed and simplicity at the same time.

  • App installed and ready-to-use on server
  • 1GB of specialised mobile app server space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100% uptime guaranteed SLA
  • No coding skills required
NoDowntime Mobile App Web Hosting cost: $9.99 per month
Simple Automatic Website Failover Service by NoDowntime.Domains!