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Run Your Own Failover Service without Limitations

This is a fully rebranding solution that is suitable for existing web hosting companies. Instead of using NoDowntime.Domains server names, we are setting and implementing; through our custom failover system, your existing company server names with dedicated IP addresses. Dedicated IP addresses are a set of account specific name server IP addresses, which serves as a full rebranding solution with a failover cloud configuration; this allows you to rebrand the NoDowntime.Domains' name server IP addresses using your own domain.

This is a pure failover solution only. NoDowntime.Domains offers cloud failover service and load balanced service, between at least 2 dedicated servers from your web hosting company datacenter. Use of our managed dedicated servers is optional.

A configuration like this makes it possible for your web hosting company to offer its own failover services to their web hosting clients.

Automatic Failover Service
  • Domains
  • Rebranding and Maintenance Server Names
  • Failover Load Balanced Cloud Service
  • Failover Reverse Proxy System
  • Portable IP Address
  • HTTP Redirection Service
  • Unlimited Queries per Month**
  • System Monitoring Service
  • Full IPv6 Compatibility
  • High Availability (HA) Clusters
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed SLA***

Price Details

  • $1.49 per domain monthly*
  • $125 per month

* Minimal order is 100 domains.
** Our rebranding accounts are for reasonable use of unmetered queries. Unmetered means that you are charged a flat rate for regular user friendly usage which is not determined by the amount of queries used. However, it does not mean unlimited queries, if you are running an automatic query software in the background or any other network solutions that create excessive overuse of the network, NoDowntime.Domains has the full right to determine what kind of services are in the overuse level and, based on unique cases, can make additional consultations with these types of clients. In addition, any domain that has ever been a target of a DNS DDoS attack is strictly prohibited from using the NoDowntime.Domains service. If the domain has ever had a history of a DDoS attacks of any kind, then you must request NoDowntime.Domains approval before registration.
*** NoDowntime.Domains guarantees 100% uptime backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Reliability like this requires additional technology investments, infrastructure redundancy, and expertise that most hosting companies don't have to offer in real life. We are use and maintenance specialized IT solutions which makes NoDowntime.Domains service 100% available. In the event that NoDowntime.Domains does not meet the foregoing commitment, our users will be eligible to receive a service credit. If a fast and reliable web site is mission-critical for your company, be sure to select a hosting provider that's worthy of your confidence. A copy of our SLA Agreement is here.
Simple Automatic Website Failover Service by NoDowntime.Domains!