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Run Your Own Dedicated Server in Order to get Best Performances

Our failover managed dedicated server plans have everything you need to build a stronger online presence in a simple and cost effective way, at the only place, NoDowntime.Domains. You must have two dedicated servers rented with us. One dedicated server has a primary IP location in a USA datacenter and the second dedicated server has an IP location in a EU based datacenter.

Both data centers are fully independent and use different Internet backbone high-speed data transmission lines. We have mirrored these two dedicated servers first and then on top of the existing setup; NoDowntime.Domains applied a layer of automatic failover, load balance and system monitoring services. This is a minimal setup that is inside an enterprise-grade high availability (HA) clusters level. More robust solutions are supported also.

Our support team provides the complete help you may need every step of the way.

  • Websites
  • 2 Fully Managed Servers
  • Load Balanced Cloud Service*
  • Linux CentOS 64-Bit
  • Server Space
  • RAM
  • Single Processor**
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2 FREE IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM available***
  • 24/7 Quality Support
  • USA and EU Based Datacenter****
  • 100% Uptime Guaranteed SLA*****

Price Details

  • Unlimited
  • From 1TB
  • From 12GB DDR3

* We are running cloud based services on robust load balanced clusters, not only giving peak performance at all times, but it allows us to offer a 100% uptime guarantee with Service Credits back.
** For dual processor the cost is $25 per month additional.
*** cPanel/WHM license costs $45 per month additional.
**** You will get 2 managed dedicated servers inside 2 fully independent data centers (one inside the USA and the other one inside a EU based datacenter) with this package. As an example, if the primary dedicated server has any regular maintenance or any unpredicted issue, NoDowntime.Domains DNS failover system will automatically transfer your traffic to a secondary dedicated server system. Advanced failover network setup like this enables radically high uptime web hosting solutions.
***** NoDowntime.Domains guarantees 100% uptime backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Reliability like this requires additional technology investments, infrastructure redundancy, and expertise that most hosting companies don't have to offer in real life. We are use and maintenance specialized IT solutions which makes NoDowntime.Domains service 100% available. In the event that NoDowntime.Domains does not meet the foregoing commitment, our users will be eligible to receive a service credit. If a fast and reliable web site is mission-critical for your company, be sure to select a hosting provider that's worthy of your confidence. A copy of our SLA Agreement is here.
Simple Automatic Website Failover Service by NoDowntime.Domains!