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NoDowntime.Domains Global Network

NoDowntime.Domains manages Internet backbones with the leading and most reliable providers in the failover server management business.

Power of Cloud Hosting

NoDowntime.Domains' inside active failover solution uses the power of cloud hosting with native SSDs. SSD Storage, the industry-leading solution for optimal performance. These cloud based services run on redundant load balanced clusters. We are using the fastest hardware and network in the industry with scalable environments to unleash the power of cloud hosting.

IP Anycast Network

IP Anycast is the fastest dedicated DNS network Worldwide. IP Anycast enables each name server IP to correspond to hundreds of systems on different geographical locations worldwide. DNS queries are sent to the nearest name server of the querying client. With multiple networks dynamically responding to the same IP address, network performance and up time are radically increased.

Failover Reverse Proxy

We are using reverse proxy technology as our way to create a highly available, fault-tolerant and more secure web environment. This technology allows us to eliminate downtime and increase productivity. When a server goes down, the system will automatically failover to the next server in the round sequence and users can continue to have websites available online.

Additional Custom Multi Cloud Architecture

NoDowntime.Domains goes a step further inside the failover cloud network environment solutions. We are using our own custom built multi-cloud architecture with the purpose of solving the inadequacies of the standard and known failover server solutions. These custom developed solutions provide enhanced traffic scalability, deliver ability and speed. Additionally, we are using portable IP addresses to solve Single-Point-of-Failure places inside our reverse proxy. It retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. Using these custom integrating ideas and the latest available technology, we are providing solutions to failover problems for small and middle sized clients. We are continuing to follow this strategy to be able to get improvements to redundancy and capacity for our customers on a long term basis.

Network Implementation

NoDowntime.Domains servers are available in locations at premium datacenter facilities worldwide. Every single cluster of servers has internet accessibility directly, via multiple gigabyte connect ability, to produce the highest targeted traffic. Using smartly routed bandwidth, we are able to combine cloud failover connect ability from over 7 diversified datacenters, as shown on the worldwide map below.

Dallas Fremont Atlanta Orlando Newark London Tokyo

Tier 1 Providers and Global Network Locations

Simple Automatic Website Failover Service by NoDowntime.Domains!