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Welcome to the Redemption Page – all the required details about the deal, additional 50% bonus, FAQ, how to redeem with additional bonus option and after redemption instructions are here, defined and explained precisely.

The quick and easy way to get web design, web hosting and domain registration at the same place for one fixed predicable low cost. Just select one of two available options.


NoDowntime Domains offers an array of services that enables people to design a website, register their own domain name, set up personalized email and get top-grade hosting the easiest and most cost affordable possible way at one place.

NoDowntime Domains will build a quality web design for you hassle-free, and you don't need to have any coding skills. Just send your website text. A two-level option is available; your choice of a standard web site design or the standard website with a mobile website version.

Choose one of the following options:
Hundreds of themes to choose from
Option to edit your own web pages
Google Maps
Search engine submission

All of the above, plus:
Mobile version of the website
Contact forms for customers
Photo Gallery

All of the above, plus:
Available web shop option
Integration of Payment Gateways

The full Website Hassle-Free package options can be found here.

Additionally, every deal has 3 months STARTER cloud web hosting costs included with full features:
Three-month STARTER web hosting included
Unlimited number of accounts
1GB of server space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited subdomains
Website statistics
cPanel control panel
100% uptime guaranteed SLA
No coding skills required

Restrictions: Domain registration is not included in the coupon promotion. Domain registration is a legal process that domain owners must do alone and pay directly through NoDowntime Domains at the moment of the deal activation (cost: 5.55GBP/year only .UK domain) ; you can also pay web hosting annually and get the FREE domain name as a gift. Deal activation is described in the “How to Redeem” section. All domain name extensions availability and yearly domain prices can be rechecked here. Internet connection required.


Order the annual web hosting and save 50% OFF for the remaining 9 months and get a FREE domain as a BONUS.

Pay the remaining web hosting on an annual base and get the domain name registration (or transfer of existing domain) as a FREE BONUS.

$44.95 ONLY is the price required to get the remaining 9 months web hosting till the end of the year.

All of the above, plus:
Get 50% OFF the nine-month STARTER web hosting
FREE New Domain Name (or transfer existing domain)*

Or in short you save 50% OFF the 9 months HOSTING PLAN & get a FREE Domain Name as a BONUS option for Groupon Users only!**

This is the BEST possible deal with the BONUS offer with web design, web hosting and FREE domain registration at ONE place with ONE fixed predicable low cost.

*FREE Domain Registration applies to the following extensions .com,.net,.org,.eu,.uk,.us, if you order the annual option for additional 9 months of web hosting ($44.95 USD) till the end of the year at the moment of the deal activation.

**Our Groupon promotion is focused on increasing the base of our existing clients on a larger scale and in a quality way in order to help you from the beginning, from web design needs, over domain registration until web hosting. We deliver to you, with stable, fast, smart, and best budget web hosting solutions. Our company performance will surely exceed your expectations. Using NoDowntime Domains web hosting and domain registration is required to be able to activate this special promotional deal package.

You can just register your new domain or transfer the existing domain name (you will still get a FREE domain renewal), just select the STARTER web hosting package and follow the signup steps till the end. If you need any help, you have the screen shots with every sign-up step visually showed here.

It's never been simpler to get your own website

We believe everyone deserves to have their own high quality looking website. We have created a specialized web design service and business model allowing us to provide a professional website for everyone without a complicated technical process and without high web design costs.


Activate the Deal and Get Started with NoDowntime Domains Web Hosting Today!

You have screen shots with all steps below. Just do it!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6


After redemption, you will receive an automatic email confirmation with all registration details. If your order is successful you have all the requirements ready so our web designer can start work now! You have all the requirements ready so our web designer can start work now!

Your domain name and web hosting is usually available within 24 hours after DNS propagation changes apply over the Internet.

Next steps:
1. Choose a Template: Choose from 100s of customized themes here and send us the ID of the theme you choose.
2. Content Delivery: Send us all categories (like: Home, Services, About Us, Contact), all texts and images (if you have them).
3. Consultation: We consult with you first to better understand your needs.
4. Web Design: We make the web design with a customized template to be unique to your needs. Usually, 7-10 days are required for the web design after you deliver all materials.

That's all. You get your own domain, web hosting and quality website in the easiest way, right at your fingertips.

Simple Automatic Website Failover Service by NoDowntime.Domains!