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Is 100% uptime really possible?

NoDowntime.Domains, with full liability, stands behind its 100% uptime guarantee. We are a hosting company that started its own services from a failover point of view right from the beginning. This is not a case of false 'marketing promises', most web hosting companies claim 99.9% as 'too good to be true' for their offers. NoDowntime.Domains defines our 100% guarantee based on SLA and Service Credits back to the client if any downtime happens.

NoDowntime.Domains is using a network that has a record of 8 year - 100% uptime history and an overall 99.9999% uptime history. In the last decade, this DNS network was used by bigger clients with high network investments. We are starting, in 2014, to offer the same failover DNS network to small and middle size clients; we are one of the pioneers in that area on the worldwide market.

We fully understand that nothing in IT is ever perfect, especially in a long-run, but with our existing 99.9999% network uptime history, with usage by larger networks and with a combination of double mirrored configuration for every hosting account, inside 2 independent data centers (USA and EU based data centers used at the same time); this has created for us a real environment that we can commercially survive in.  We offer back Service Credit fees and guarantee a 100% uptime to all our clients.

This is our approach and how we handle 100% uptime challenge. This is our main mission; to focus and continue on a long term basis, to reach and offer the highest level of failover web hosting services and make radically high uptime really possible to clients worldwide.

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