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Who We Are

NoDowntime Domains Corporation is part of the Abofa Group which provides a broad range of investments in service and maintenance companies.

NoDowntime Domains Corporation refers to the implementation and management of quality information technology services. IT service management is performed by IT service providers through people, process and information technology. Backed by the advanced Internet infrastructure network, the company provides professional services on failover server management, server load balancing, system integration, web hosting and security management.


Our History

  •  2001

In 2001 our group, through Global Money Union, made a first investment in IT industry and offered a "Free web hosting without banners" through Maxipoint Servers brand. We were one of the first hosting providers who offered free web hosting without banner ads at that time. After a decade of work, as a classic web hosting provider, our group sold the Maxipoint Servers brand. We get quality and expertise in the field and we are focused on software development, system integration and maintenance networks at the time.

Our maintenance network plans have evolved to reflect the service, redundancy, and speed that clients require worldwide. Network security and network attacks of a decade ago were smaller and less sophisticated than those seen today. We are constantly researching how to upgrade and redesign networks to exceed industry standards.

  •  2014

Our focus was always to build high quality services at competitive prices and to be the leader of innovation and in building new ranges of products for the people worldwide. We are getting in 2014 to the point that we can, with our past web hosting and our latest networks knowledge and expertise, build a unique and improved failover web hosting product. In short, we are able to build and offer the easiest and lowest cost for anyone to create a failover website. NoDowntime Domains Corporation was born through these activities of our group with the focus to become an industry leader in failover server performance and priced for small and middle sized clients.

NoDowntime Domains Corporation goal is to grow continuously, to expand the failover network, offer a broad array of value-added managed services, continue building our skills and to give customers worldwide specialized and quality IT solutions that really work.

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